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eto'o camera

I wish I lived in a city that has a MLS team. They have really good internship opportunites and I refuse to move for an internship that offers no pay. I would absolutely LOVE to work in soccer but I don't really know where to start or what to do. I'm thinking about applying to volunteer at the World Cup next year its a scary but exciting thought. I really should just go for it. I wonder if I will actually be brave enough to do it.

I hate having to rely on other people I just got a call yesterday from the grad program I applied to and they told me my application isn't complete because I am missing one recommendation, my old boss is infuriating, this is important! I should have just choosen 3 professors instead of an old manager and 2 professors!

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Do it!!! You'll never know until you try. :] You have nothing to lose.

I think I will but I need to get a passport before I apply because they ask for a passport number on the application.

When are you leaving for France?

Exactly a week from today. :D Eeeeeek!

I hope you have lots of fun and meet hot youth team French footballers.

How long are you going to be there for?

Haha I wish. :P They have nice French girls over there for themselves.

A little over two weeks, I'm coming back on Aug. 16th.

But but they might want a nice American girl!

2 whole weeks?! Lucky you, at least you should be nice and relaxed before the semester starts again!

Did you watch the Gold Cup game earlier?

They wouldn't know that I'm nice though.... xP


I KNOW!!! I'm so happy we are going back!!!!

Vela is playing in the Mexico game right now. It was gonna be a rematch of last year before Costa Rica scored with seconds to go, so they are in ET right now.

Carlitos! :D I love him so much. I always feel bad when I root for only him when Mexico plays. :P I am a bad US fan haha.

:O Holy shit INTENSE. I should watch but I'm reading a book for school. :[

Yeah I love Carlos too, I was even following him when he was at Osasuna!

Please, if you are bad then I am HORRIBLE!!! I like a lot of their players.

Well good luck reading your book chica!

Well, I do find a lot of Mexican players cute teehee I have a weakness for Hispanics

I was watching the AC Milan vs. Club America match...I was swooning at Club America bahaha.

Gracias. :]

Jw, what did you major in school? You said you wanted to intern at a soccer place?

OK its not just me then!!

I majored in Public Affairs (public policy),

Vela just scored the winning pk! Mexico is in the finals!!!!! Help me I actually CHEERED when Ochoa saved a pk :( See? horrible!

Oooh nice! Interning at a soccer place would be cool for that!

Aww Carlos!! It's deja vu hahah I SHOULDN'T BE THIS HAPPY.

If I can get an intership somewhere in MLS I would take it, it just sucks that I would have to move then work for free!

Carlos!!! I love that boy so much. Awww we get to see him play against the US! I hope I don't accidentally cheer when he scores And Gio dos Santos too.

Awww where do you live? Come to Philly we're getting our team next year haha.

I love Carlos, but I don't think I want him to score haha but then I don't want him to be sad either UGHHHH BLERGH.

I live in Michigan :(

That should have said "if" not "when". I of course want the US to win again!

But when Mexico lose can maybe see him crying, and we can awwww him!

Awww he can cry on my shoulder while I'm waving my US scarf around lmao...

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