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Wow I am so irritated right now!!! Irritated isn't the right word its more like livid, I'm talking dramatic hand shaking! I didnt think I could get this upset about a soccer player. I'm reading comments about Eto'o right now and I'm am getting so heated. Its fine if he is not your most favorite player, I get that, but to say he isn't a good striker is so beyond my comprehension right now.

I deal in facts and figures, the guy is Barca 4th highest goal scorer, the one person on the list still playing but he can't score?!!! There are not many players better than him. Than they are trying to downplay what he has done for the team by saying he only scored those goals because of the other players, yes he has a good midfield behind him and they contribute to his success that is what a team does! He didnt have that stacked midfield when he was scoring all those goals for Mallorca or with Cameroon, yet he did it!

He can't score against English teams yet he scored in 2 CL finals against, you guessed it, English teams! If Barca wants to replace him because they think he has a bad attitude etc. fine than they should but that's not what I am talking about. I can't imagine saying these things about a player that has been so influential to my team's success but I guess other people don't feel the same way. Oh wow that was cathartic I actually feel better after that rant :D

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Everyone needs to vent! I will vent LOADS about football later on hahaha. Though I don't have much to complain about now hehe.

Lucky you!!! But I'm over it now now....kinda!

Dont let them get to you. A lot of people are idiots who only focus on the negative. Yes Eto'o is a diva but he scores goals and in big games. Zlatan is a hit or miss for me. He scores great goals but he does go missing in big games.
Dont let the comments get to you. I dont even read them anymore since the Confed Cup. Most of those comments were just about hating America. You cant let it get to you.

Thanks I'm trying but I'm still irritated really. I'm really about to stop reading comments too.

I'm so happy I wasn't around for the Confed Cup when we beat Spain, I backtracked a bit and seen some of the comments and I was so shocked and disgusted.

Did you watch sytycd this week. I was so scared about Ade being in the bottom :( My baby is leaving me next week I just know it!

Yeah I watched SYTYCD. Can you tell me why Evan wasnt in the B3? I know he is a nice guy but he just isnt cutting it. I was so worried for Ade but I knew Kupono was gone.
I really liked the Travis piece. I love when the old contestant come back. That was my favorite of the night than the Broadway. I think if Evan is bad again this week he will go. Hopefully Brandon and Ade will do really well next week.
I dont know if you have seen this but they are worth the watch:

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