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No More Camouflage I Want To Be Exposed....

....................And Not Be Afraid To Fall

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Confession Time
eto'o camera

I'm in love with Glen Johnson, I have no idea where it came from but I am so hard core all about him! I need help, my first Liverpool player crush.

Awww doesn't he look so cute!

This is weird I have NEVER had a crush on someone on a rival team before.

Move over Benny I got a new boo!

*Licks screen* LIPS! Ummmmmm this is my desktop right now but I'm about to change it I just noticed the big Liverpool logo, but its blurred so maybe that alright :P

Now playing: Saving Jane - Butterflies

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Do you need a Benny intervention? :P

I really think I might, because I'm scaring myself! Benny save me!!!!!!!!!

How could you forget this fly-as-hell son of a bitch?

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Awwww he got his swag on!

Looks like Sacha is having a little too much fun too hahahah.

It's official you have given up your claim on Benny. I may stake my claim on him but he is getting some competition from Beckerman and Jonathan Bornstein.
You will now be branded with the scarlet letter "L."

NO PLEASE I CANNOT HELP IT!!!! Don't you understand how conflicted I am! I even have a icon called "my baby glen"!

This is worst than I thought. OMG I just thought of you as Kayla in the Mia piece. Sims is making me crazy.

I hope I'll be over him before the season starts! I can't take this!

Ohhhhh I loved that dance! Who do you like this season?

I cried twice over the routine...I kept thinking about the people on celebrity rehab (I love Dr. Drew).
I like Brad/Jan and Ade. I dont really care about the rest. They dont seem to have any personality but I do think they are a really strong group dancewise.
This season seems strange. I think they are saving the best for the fall lineup.
Are you tired of Evan/Randi yet? What do you think of the top 10?

That was seriously one of my fav routines ever, I teared up at the end, that really got to me. I love Dr. Drew too going back to the loveline days.

We like the same people, Ade is my favorite though. I really like Jeanine too and sometimes Kayla. I used to love Evan/Randi, I am getting over them. How didnt they bottom 3!!!

Also yay on finding Beckerman hot!

It's the hair.

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